what people are saying

some feedback from current users, and anticipation of things to come

'Having completed two films with Team Engine, I would never subject a production office to a paper-based workflow again.
It’s a seamless, fool-proof system - far more secure, efficient and accurate than historic methods.

On a recent London-based production we on-boarded a props buyer working remotely in Sudan - start form, payroll info, and fully executed contract saved in the cloud - inside 10 minutes.'

Aidan Elliott, Producer - 'His House'

'I can’t imagine going back to the old way of contracts – engine is a hugely useful system.

Fantastic for Accounting, Production and Crew!'

Wendy Ellerker, Financial Controller - 'Angel Has Fallen' & 'Toff Guys'


'Engine has been a game changer for the on-boarding and contracting of crew on my last two projects.

It’s such a great idea, executed soo simply and intuitively. Without doubt, it improved the efficiency of the production and accounting offices, streamlining their contracting and payroll work.

Our crew user feedback was excellent, and the added security and environmental benefits over the old paper based systems make it a no-brainer.

It would pain me to go back to the old ways of contracting crew, and I can’t recommend it enough to the unlucky teams that haven’t been able to use it yet!'

James Smith, UPM - 'All The Money In The World'

'As a payroll accountant, engine has made my life so much easier - but also for crew!

It bypasses the time-consuming and frustrating chasing of paperwork and documents.

I love the simple and easy access to everyone's deal summaries without having to do a crew bible!

I don't want to do another job as payroll accountant without engine

David Danisovszky, Payroll - 'The Secret Garden'

'Using engine on Bodyguard was a godsend. It saved the production hours, if not days of processing contracts and chasing the crew for missing paperwork.
Team Engine listened to us all the way and have even at times adapted their software to meet our needs.
A great piece of kit.

Amit Varsani, Production Accountant - 'Bodyguard'

'A very streamlined service'

I don't want to do another job as payroll accountant without engine

Maxine Stanley, Financial Controller - 'Judy'

'Engine is a game changer for the film industry and finally propels it into the 21st Century.
No more manually generating contracts, lost paperwork or chasing for signatures.
In nearly all cases, our crew had fully executed agreements before walking in the door on their 1st day.
If you haven’t tried Engine yet, I would highly recommend you do on your next Production.'

Simon Mills, Production Manager - 'Angel Has Fallen'

'Our crew largely adapted to engine without a problem and the benefits in efficiency to the production team were instantly tangible.
It's efficient, effective and a step forward.  I highly recommend it and look forward to additional modules.'

Mark Birmingham, Line Producer - 'Angel Has Fallen'

‘This has to become the industry standard. A seamless and straightforward system which is long overdue.

In my 20 years in Production, it was a first; we had the majority of the crew’s start forms and contracts signed and filed, 3 weeks in.’

Liza Carmel, Production - 'Bodyguard'

‘It's really a no-brainer for everyone to adopt this system..
and if your records are kept on file it will make it so much easier for the next one.’

Tommy Holman, Camera
'Makes life so much easier.
It can be a right pain filling out form after form but with this, it is so simple for everybody.'

Dan Moriarty, Grip

'This sounds really interesting..
potentially a great way forward on many fronts!'

EM, Completion Guarantor
'I just watched the explainer video, wow wee!
Stone Ages move out the way - a digital revolution is coming.' 

Rebecca Ioannou, Production