what people are saying

some feedback from current users, and anticipation of things to come

‘This has to become the industry standard. A seamless and straightforward system which is long overdue.

In my 20 years in Production, it was a first; we had the majority of the crew’s start forms and contracts signed and filed, 3 weeks in.’

Liza Carmel, Production

‘It's really a no-brainer for everyone to adopt this system..
and if your records are kept on file it will make it so much easier for the next one.’

Tommy Holman, Camera

'Makes life so much easier.
It can be a right pain filling out form after form but with this, it is so simple for everybody.'

Dan Moriarty, Grip

'This sounds really interesting..
potentially a great way forward on many fronts!'

EM, Completion Guarantor
'I just watched the explainer video, wow wee!
Stone Ages move out the way - a digital revolution is coming.' 

Rebecca Ioannou, Production