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Engine update

Project defaults:

send offers even quicker; set regularly-used fields once in project settings:

  • currency, working week, 6th/7th day multipliers
  • per diem 1 & 2 - shoot & non-shoot rate
  • hiatus & block dates


23 Aug, 2018


CELEBRATING milestones achieved

engine running

chose engine

active users

◦ 17% fully executed within ONE hour
◦ 75% within 2 days
◦ 90% within 1 week

Great first steps. Looking forward to running in year 2!

16 Aug, 2018

Crowdfunding RESULT

HUGE THANKS to those who pledged to our campaign to take engine to the next phase: PAPERLESS TIMESHEETS

28 Feb, 2018

Engine upgrade

Team Engine are pleased to announce an upgrade to the existing service!

New features include:

  • new account types
  • new look dashboards
  • improved project & offer interfaces
  • contract override
  • additional fields:
    • BECTU TV terms, per diem, computer & mobile allowances, budget code, and more
  • tabbed crew startpack

detailed release notes

21 Jan, 2018

Crowdfunding campaign launch

Please help us develop engine to promote it's adoption in the film & tv industry!

Pledge your support for various rewards, or choose your own amount to assist us as much as you are able.

To connect to projects using engine will always be FREE, to be a universal tool.

We are seeking your support to take engine to the next phase: paperless timesheets - and beyond.

Thank you in advance!

18 Jan, 2018

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Official engine launch

Team Engine Ltd are delighted to announce the official launch of their software service - engine.

engine has already been in use on 5 projects over the last 6 months easing the stresses and strains on production and accounts getting crew signed up.

See our feedback page for some of the comments we've already received.

Today marks the day we tell everyone about engine and hopefully start a revolution in on-boarding that makes it easier for all.

16 Jan, 2018

Happy holidays

Team Engine Ltd will be closed for the holiday period 23 Dec – 1 Jan, 2018 inclusive.

Any urgent support issues will still be answered.

We wish all current and future users happy holidays and a successful 2018.

15 Dec, 2017



We are pleased to announce that our developers are working on new functionality and user interface to make engine even better.

This will include:

  • new fields reflecting the detailed BECTU TV deal memo
  • more control on contract types
  • streamlined forms

 We hope to launch the new improved version in Jan, 2018.

23 Oct, 2017

First project

Team Engine Ltd have today started their first show on engine.

We would like to thank 'Bodyguard' (World Productions Ltd) for seizing the opportunity to be the first to trial the software and move into the future of production/crew communication and management.

17 Aug, 2017