create an account - create a project
- connect to a project

create an offer

create new offer

  • From your dashboard, select the project you want to send an offer from
connect - select project

connect - select project

  • Now within that project, click the 'plus' icon alongside the 'Offers' section

connect - create offer

enter deal terms

recipient fullname

  • You may not know the correct spelling but the crew member can correct that when receiving the offer

recipient email

  • It's essential that you use the correct and preferred email address for the crew member
  • This is where the offer will be sent and the email linked to the engine account that the crew member will/has set up

connect - offer details

  • Check with the crew member which email they prefer to use for engine
  • Once an offer is sent, this email address cannot be changed by the project or by the user
    (engine will have this ability soon)
  • To correct to the preferred email address, recreate the offer with the new address and send again

job title

  • Select 'Department' from the dropdown list
  • Select 'Job title' from the dropdown list of job titles within the chosen department

connect - select job title

connect - job title

  • From this selection engine will determine the type of contract (PAYE or Schedule-D) based on industry custom & practice and HMRC guidelines
  • Once an offer is received, if a crew member enters that they are to be hired through a Loan Out (limited) Company then that will override the system-derived contract type with Loan Out

start & end dates

  • Select Start date of this crew member's employment and End date if you wish

    connect - dates & days

    days per week

    • Choose if this is a Weekly or Daily employment
    • Select how many days-per-week for each engagement
      • a 5.5-day-week is engine's way of calculating an 11-day-fortnight

      currency of offer

      • Select the currency of the salary and allowances in either GBP, EUR or USD
        • ‘If you need to make payments in a second currency, e.g. living allowances, make that note in the 'Other deal provisions' box’
        • In future engine will offer multiple currency selection

      fee per day

      • All you need to enter is the daily inclusive (gross) rate, engine will calculate the rest for you, including the holiday pay
        • the daily rate is the base unit from which everything is calculated forwards (rather than back from a weekly rate)
        • also, a weekly employee may work a part-week, for which this daily figure would apply


          connect - fees

          6th / 7th days

          • Select 1, 1.5 or 2 from the 'Sixth and  Seventh day multiplier' dropdowns, as you require for each offer

          other deal provisions

          • Use this box to add any other terms you might have
            • e.g. different rate for prep or length of day, rates of overtime, per diem etc


          A crew member will be unable to accept an offer until they provided the required information

          • Check the box if Box or Equipment rental  is required for the offer
            • Add description, rate, cap and other terms e.g. 'shoot period only'
            • If there is no cap, enter zero in the cap box
            • If the allowance is incorporated into the salary, but you still require an inventory to be submitted, tick the box and enter zero for value and cap
          • Enter a rate for Vehicle allowance if applicable. Leave at zero if not

          connect - allowances

          additional notes

          • Add anything else you wish to convey to the crew member or project recipient
            • e.g. 'Glad to have you aboard', 'This hire takes over from Joe Bloggs',  or 'Budget code: 1234-01'

          send offer

          • Once complete, click 'Make offer' to email the offer to the crew member
          • Any missing required fields will be marked in red 'Response Required'

          connect - make offer

          • Correct the errors and click 'Make offer' again
          • The crew member will now receive an email with instructions to access the offer

          connect - responses required

          connect - offer sent

          edit offer

          • You can review and edit an offer at any time prior to a crew member accepting an offer
          • Select the project then find & click the offer you wish to amend

          connect - edit offer

          • This is where you can see and check the fee calculations
          • Click 'Edit offer' top right

          connect - check & edit offer

          • Make the change, e.g. an increase to Vehicle allowance
          • Click 'Update offer'
          • The updated offer will be sent to the crew member by email

          connect - update offer

          • Any desired changes to the offer should be discussed directly, and updated prior to acceptance of the offer
          • If change is essential after acceptance, a new offer will need to be created and sent

          offer status

          • See the status of each offer within each project
          • Coloured totals in the project 'tile' and coloured circles for each offer, indicate status as such:
            • Grey = pending
            • Green = accepted
            • Red = rejected

          connect - offer status (project)

          • Green means the offer has been accepted - you'll now see the crew members 'supporting documents' (passport, box inventory etc) within their offer
          • Green does not necessarily mean they have 'signed' their project documents
          • Signing an offer

          connect - accepted offer


          receive an offer

          A crew member will receive an email invite to connect with a project

          • Check your email inbox (and junk-mail) for an email from:
          • New engine users: the email will be entitled: 
            e n g i n e - create account to join 'PROJECT NAME'
            • Click the CREATE MY ACCOUNT button
              (should the link not work for you, right click or secondary click the button, copy the link and paste into your browser)

            connect - create account

            • Existing users: the email will be entitled:
              e n g i n e - invitation to join 'PROJECT NAME'
              • Click the 'REVIEW MY OFFER' button
              • You will be logged in where you will see the new offer

            connect - new offer

            review offer

            • Log in to view your dashboard. Any offer you receive will be listed here
            • Each offer 'tile' contains the project codename, the offer job title and fee per day

            connect - select offer

            • The colour of circle indicates the status of the offer:
              • Grey = pending
              • Green = accepted
              • Red = rejected
            • Click the offer you want to review

            connect - offer status

            • When you open the offer you'll see any 'Information' documents the project may have shared

              connect - review offer

              • Check the offer details are as you expected
                • Note the Contract type (PAYE or Schedule-D)
                • If you are a Loan Out (limited) Company, this will be overridden when you enter your Loan Out Company details
                • If any details of the offer are not as you agreed, please speak directly with the project
                  • If agreed, the project will send you a revised offer

              connect - review offer details

              edit startpack

              • If not already done so, you will need to edit your startpack in order to accept the offer
              • All required boxes will be marked in red 'Response Required'

              connect - edit startpack

              • An offer might require you to add to your existing startpack
                • e.g. an offer which includes Box rental will require you to enter your inventory replacement value, and upload a list of items including their insurance value
              • Ensure all your personal details are accurate, current and correctly formatted
              • This information will be used to fill your contract and other documents
              • Click 'Update startpack' at the bottom of the startpack page

              connect - update startpack

              • Any files you uploaded can be seen here above all your other startpack information
              • Now you must return to the offer to Accept it, and Sign any project agreements
              • Click 'Back to offer'

              back to offer

              • When you have sufficiently completed your startpack to satisfy the offer, the Accept / Reject buttons will appear
              • If not, click 'edit startpack' to complete all the boxes marked 'Response Required'
                • Click 'Update startpack'
                • Click 'Back to offer'
              connect - accept / reject buttons

              connect - accept / reject buttons

              • Have a final check that all details in the deal below are correct and as you expect
              • Once accepted, an offer can't be changed. Speak to the project if anything needs amending
              • Click Accept
              • Only click Reject if you are 100% sure that you won't be working on this project

              connect- click accept

              accept / reject offer

              • Shortly after you click accept, the project documents merged with your information will appear
              • You can download each document to read and check
                • These unsigned documents, will remain stored within each offer for you to always refer back to
              • The 'Sign documents' button has now appeared

              connect - merged documents

              connect - review documents


              • When you are happy, click 'Sign documents' and wait 30 seconds
                • It will say 'Documents sent to signees'
              • Then check your email inbox for an email from:
                'Team Engine via DocuSign'
              • If you have an Agent or Loan Out Company, and have added their email address in your startpack, the docusign email will go to them first to initial their approval for you to then sign


              • In the email click 'Review documents'
              • Docusign is a global standard for eSignature.
                Read more
              • Easily create your digital signature to safely and securely sign the project agreements

              connect - docusign email

              • Follow the simple steps to review and sign your Start Form, Contract and any other applicable project document online
              • Choose your encrypted esignature or draw it on a touchscreen device

              connect - agree to docusign

              connect - esignature

              • Click FINISH
              • The documents will immediately go to the Production and Accounts approvers for them to Docusign
              • Once complete, the fully executed documents will be emailed to you and all parties in the agreement
              • Currently the signed documents are not stored in engine, so ensure your emailed documents are kept safe

              connect - executed documents

              Maintain your startpack, so the next job is just a click away!

              keep an eye on: future engine features