create an account - create a project - connect to a project


create an account

if invited by a project

create account - from project invite

  • Enter your name properly formatted as it will appear on documents

  • Your email is fixed at the point your offer was sent

  • Create your password: minimum 8 characters, must include 1 capital, 1 digit, 1 special character (e.g. !, &, $)

  • Read and agree to the terms of use

  • Hit 'create'

  • Check your email inbox

create an account from afresh

  • Enter your name properly formatted as it will appear on documents

  • Add your preferred email for use with this account

  • Create your password: minimum 8 characters, must include 1 capital, 1 digit, 1 special character (e.g. !, &, $)

create account - from afresh

  • Read and agree to the terms of use

  • Hit 'create'

  • Check your email inbox

verify your email

A security step to ensure this is you controlling the account

  • Check your email inbox

  • Click 'verify my email'

create account - verify email

  • You’ll be logged in automatically

  • Start using engine

build your startpack

All the usual information you enter on a paper start form

You can add as much as you like to your startpack at any time. Just click update to save.

When you receive an offer to join a project, that offer might require more information, e.g. a box rental inventory list

my dashboard

  • Your dashboard is where your 'Projects' (if you create them) and 'Offers' from other projects live

  • Click 'Startpack', top right corner

my dashboard

edit profile

Edit profile allows you to correct your name

  • Your email is fixed
    (engine will soon have a method for you to change this)

  • You can change your engine account password here

startpack - edit profile

basic info

  • Option to enter other/preferred names & desired screen credit name

  • Essential contacts in case of an emergency, ideally a mobile phone number

startpack - basic info

personal info

  • Use your current or most recent passport as proof of right to work in UK

  • If you don't have a passport, ask your project what alternative they will accept and upload that using 'today's date' as the expiry date, 'n/a' as the issuing country and your 'name as shown on your alternative ID' for 'passport full name'

startpack - personal info

  • If using your previous passport details, enter today's date as the expiration date. Update your startpack with your new passport when you receive it

contact info

  • The address of your permanent place of residence

startpack - contact info

deal info

  • Uncheck the box if you don't have an agent

  • If you have an agent, add their email here so your contractual documents go to them for prior approval

  • Add agent bank details so that payment is processed accordingly

startpack - deal info


  • If your offer includes allowances such as Box Rental, Equipment Rental or Vehicle Allowance, adding the supporting information will be essential in order to accept the offer

  • In 'Inventory value', enter an estimated total replacement value

startpack - allowances

  • Upload your Box or Equipment inventory list, including itemised insurance values

  • Clearly name the file e.g. 'John Doe, Equipment Inventory' prior to uploading, so you and the project can easily identify it from the filename. Do this with all files you upload

vehicle details

  • If you require access to company sites and parking, enter your vehicle details here

  • If your offer includes Vehicle Allowance, it will be essential you add your proof of vehicle insurance for business use, and your current driving licence

startpack - vehicle details

payment info

The job title in an offer from a project will determine if you are a PAYE or Schedule-D employee, so you are contracted and paid accordingly

startpack - payment info

  • PAYE and Schedule-D employees - enter your National Insurance number
    (if you are paid through a Loan Out Company, enter n/a in this box)

  • PAYE employees - an offer will require that you answer the question about this being your first/only/another job (the 'P46' question)

  • Upload your most recent P45. If you don't have one, upload your most recent payslip - this will give Accounts an indication of your tax status

student loan

  • Uncheck the box if you are not repaying a student loan

  • If you are repaying a student loan, answer the questions

startpack - student loan

schedule-d and VAT

  • Upload your Schedule-D letter if you have one

  • Enter your VAT number if you are VAT registered

loan out (limited) company

i.e. a Limited Company pay you, and you are the 'loaned employee' engaged to each project

PAYE or Schedule-D employees are 'Direct hires' - hired directly to the project

startpack - loan out info

  • Check the box if you are employed through a Loan Out Company

  • Enter the contact email of the company representative. If that person is you, enter your own email. Applicable documents will be sent to that email for counter-signing

  • Upload the Company Certificate of Incorporation

  • These details will override the PAYE/Schedule-D contract-type shown in the original offer

bank details

  • Bank account into which you wish to be paid

  • Use SWIFT or IBAN numbers for non-UK based bank accounts

startpack - bank details

update startpack

  • Click 'Update startpack' at the bottom of the page to save your information at any time!

startpack - update