create an account - create a project - connect to a project

create an account for the project

  • You can use your own individual account, but you might want to set up a new account for each project to manage the data for that project
  • See create an account

project - create account

create a new project

  • In 'My dashboard' click the 'plus' icon to add a new project

project - create new

project details

  • Project type and budget give crew members some indication in order to manage their expectations
  • Your project may have a codename for secrecy purposes. If not, just enter the project name in both fields

project - project details

  • Description and Locations informs the crew member about the project
  • Shoot start date can be an estimate if not known
  • Holiday pay percentage is set here
  • Additional notes can be used to convey any other info to all crew members

project addresses

  • Company name is the Registered Company to be used to produce the project
  • Operating base is the Production base of the project, when known 

project - addresses

update project

  • Click 'Update project' at the bottom of the page at any time.

project - update

  •  The essential fields required to create a project will be marked in red 'Response Required'

project - response required

edit project

You can update details for your project at any time

  • From 'My dashboard' click on the project 'tile'
    (in the future you may have more than one project tile here)

project - select project tile

  • You are now within that project. Any offers belonging to that project will show below this tile
  • Click on the project tile again
  • Click on 'Edit project' in the top right corner

project - selected project

  • You can now change any project details, and click update

project - edit details

project documents

Scroll down within your project for the ability to upload project documents

project - upload documents

  • Contracts - any legal or financial agreement: start form contract of employment, allowance agreement (box rental, equipment, vehicle)

  • Forms - other documents you require all crew members to read and agree to, e.g. an NDA or Health & Safety Policy

  • Information - any other info you need to convey to everybody, e.g. directions to the studio or Production/Accounts Policies

project - document category


All documents will be grouped into one 'digital envelope' and sent with each offer to every crew member.

All parties in the approval chain will receive the fully executed envelope upon completion

mapping fields

Prior to uploading any project documents, you must send those document templates to us here at engine ( so we can map the fields - i.e. make all the right information appear in the right places on your custom documents (whether Contracts, Forms or Information - anything you want to merge information to)

It's free & quick but the sooner you send us the files in original file format (Word or Excel) the sooner we can have them back with you to start using!

project - mapping fields


Dependent on the department and job title chosen, each 'offer' sent to a crew member will pick up only the applicable contract template that you set here

  • Set 'Category' to Contracts
  • Pick a contract type
    • All contract variations are available
    • Reminder - also in here are 'Start Form, Box rental, Equipment rental etc' as they are financial agreements

project - pick contract type

  • Browse on your device for the contract template file
    (must be PDF file format)
  • Click upload

project - upload contract


  • Set 'Category' to Forms
    • These are the 'other forms' you want all crew to sign (NDA, Company policies etc)
    • Everyone sent an offer will also receive these forms

project - upload form

  • Name the file so it's easy for the crew member to identify, and for you when filing
  • Browse on your device for the form file
    (must be PDF file format)
  • Click upload


  • Set 'Category' to Information
    • This is general information you want to inform everyone of (Studio directions, Security procedures etc)

project - upload information

  • Name the file so it's easy for the crew member to identify
  • Browse on your device for the form file
    (must be PDF file format)
  • Click upload
  • The files will appear to the crew member in the order in which you upload them

You will now see all the documents you have successfully uploaded

Contracts and Forms will be visible to the crew member when they accept an offer, but prior to signing

Information will be visible to the crew member immediately upon opening the offer



project - uploaded documents

project approvers

  • In order to have approval chains on the documents you've just added, you must first add approvers to the project
  • Below the document upload area, you'll see 'Add approvers to this project'

project - add approver

  • This is the typical project personnel: Production Manager, Accountant, Producer, Production Executive
  • Select Approver in the 'Approver type' dropdown
  • Click 'Add approver'
  • Add all possible approvers applicable to your project, ensuring their email addresses are correct
  • It doesn't matter in what order you add approvers. The order does matter in the document approval chains

project recipients

  • As well as approvers (signers) in a chain, you can also add Recipients, i.e. people to receive the finalised documents for processing
    • This could be your Production & Accounting offices, and delivery file for Production Company and/or Studio

project - add recipient

  • Enter the name and correct email address
  • Select 'Recipient' in the 'Approver type' dropdown
  • Click 'Add approver'
  • Repeat for all recipients

You'll now see the approvers and recipients you've added.

You can remove, correct and add more here at any time

project - approvers

document approval chains

  • Each document might have it's own unique approval chain - approvers and/or order
  • Select 'Approval chain' below each document

project - approval chain

  • Add the approvers in the order in which you need them to approve that particular document
  • If you need to correct the order, click 'Clear approvers' and re-add the chain
    (engine will have a method to amend chains in the future)
  • The crew member, or agent of the crew member if they have one, do not need to be added here as they are the first approvers by default
  • Remember to repeat the process for each document. A missing chain means the document will not be finalised

project - add approvers to document

Having created your project you can now invite people to connect to it!

how-to: connect to a project